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1040ez – Easy Tax Form for Individuals.

Paying taxes is unavoidable and therefore, it is desirable to pay your taxes before the deadline to avoid getting penalized. There are various tax forms which you have to deal with according to your requirements. If you are about to file individual income tax return, then there are three forms available for you; Form 1040ez, Form1040A and Form1040. If you are looking for the easy and least complex one, you should go for Free 1040ez. Before you start filing this one, you need to first consider whether you are eligible for it or not.

If you are willing to file Free Federal 1040ez form online you should know first whether you can file it or not. Suppose you have unemployment compensation, wages or salaries, qualified state program earnings, or taxable fellowship grants or scholarships, then you are eligible for using this tax form. The top most condition for using this form is you should not have received any advance earned income credit payments. Please make sure that you are not claiming the additional standard deduction for your real estate taxes, net disaster losses, or qualified motor vehicle taxes then only you will be able to use it.

You are eligible for form 1040 EZ, if you meet the following criteria.

• When your taxable income less than $100,000.

• While filing tax, your status is married filing jointly or single.

• Your spouse and you are under the age of 65.

• You do not claim for any dependents.

• Your interest income is less than or equal to $ 1500.

Apart from the criteria mentioned above, you need to fulfill the following conditions also.

• You only have taxable scholarship, wages, fellowship grants, salaries etc.

• You do not have any advance earned income credit.

• You are not claiming the additional standard deduction for real net